Why do I have a Zoom Link?

I don’t do Zoom, why do I have a link? Every choir member has been registered for the Zoom meeting which we set up for our regular Thursday rehearsal.  We register everyone because it allows us some control over who attends the meeting. It also means we do not have to work out on a […]

One link for all!

You will have seen that we are now using the same Zoom link for all of our rehearsals.  The link you have received is unique to you as every member is registered for the meeting, which provides an additional level of security. What happens if you lose or delete the email containing your link? There […]

When is a 1 not a 1?

When you receive your password for the members area, there are a number of characters that can easily be misinterpreted.  The most obvious examples are: The letter O and the number 0 The letters I, l and the number 1 (capital i, and lowercase L)   Depending upon the font that is used it can […]

My Zoom link doesn’t work!

The easiest way to connect to a Zoom session is by clicking on the link contained in the email you receive. But, what do you do if this link doesn’t work? Don’t worry there are other ways to connect to a Zoom meeting! You can access a Zoom meeting by using the Meeting ID and […]